2019…. Review!!!
Hey guys,
Wow where has 2019 gone, it seems to have flashed by without me realising!
I’ve had an up & down year but if like to focus on the positives of the year so here goes!
 January was pretty quiet being honest! Just carrying on & watching united of course!
February was my birthday month & I met Adam randomly for the first time little did I know how that would end up playing out as the year progressed!0
March took me to Paris a city I’ve wanted to visit for a long time! It was good to finally see the city I’ve longed to for so long! Then of course a little match with PSG which was incredible and to share it with some of the best people was even better!
April took me to Barcelona for the first time! A city I was really surprised at as it has so much to offer! It’s one of my favourite places & I can’t wait to back! I was there for a football match, that did not end well! 
May saw the and of season, I was sad it had ended! But it also the month I officially meet Adam although we had been speaking every day since February! 
June was a rollercoaster of a month! My dad ended up in hospital after having a stroke and was in for a number of weeks. However I also visited york with Adam and we became an official couple!
July saw me & Adam go to Haydock and meeting his work friends, in particular Kylie who I became friends with! We also headed to Manchester for the weekend and visited the Hard Rock Cafe! We also visited London and visited the Hard Rock Cafe & the shard which was amazing finally we did the Wembley tour! We then split up for a week!
August came and it was time for football once again! A pre season game in Cardiff was first up! Then the regular fixtures started! Me & Adam were also reunited! We then took some time out and headed to Sheffield for a few days relaxing. We also headed to London staying in a hotel on the river, amazing views! August also brought my mums anniversary 11 years since you have been gone I miss you so much.
September came with a new experience for me the women’s game and the first ever Manchester derby in the women’s game! We also started thinking about moving in together as I was spending so much time up north anyway!
October came round with a trip to Amsterdam! I feel like I need to return and explore the city more, although we did head to the Hard Rock Cafe!  It also saw me visit a specialist about eating and got the all clear on that point. I visited Serbia for the first time taking in the wonderful city of Belgrade which was surprisingly accessible!
November saw a night out with friends which was really enjoyable! Then me & Adam headed to Milan for the weekend which was fantastic! Soaking up the culture Milan has to offer! 
December saw me become an official Manchester resident! I went out for a drink with my friends pre match & missed kick off! Me & Adam got engaged and I choose my bridesmaids! We spent our first Christmas together!
So here’s to new adventures in 2020!
Vicky xxx