Good evening everyone,
I’ve had a few people ask me how I got into football in general so thoughts I’d blog about it!
Firstly I have to tell you that I love football yet I’m the only female in my family (adult) that actively goes o football now but we all enjoy it as a family .. even though different teams!
As a youngster I remember my grandad and uncles talking football and young at weekends to football be in Birmingham City At St. Andrews or West Bromwich Albion at the hawthorns. I’d hear about the ups and downs and trust me there was a lot of them with these two teams! 
The first ever game I attended was at st Andrews seeing Birmingham city at well they won! Personally I’ve sat in the Railway, kop & Tilton at Birmingham. My grandad was the biggest fan!
Then my step dad came into my life and things changed .. he support Manchester United, as a 7 year old kid I was like where is Manchester and are they any good! My grandad said they hadn’t won a league title for a while and my step dad told me about sir Alex the manager .. oh I though! Then I watched a couple games with my dad on TV .. well I was hooked and the first time I went to old Trafford I was in awe of the place, it was different to going up to blues (which took about 40 mins door to door) this took 2 hours!
My ex partner James is from Manchester he’s a great lad and a Man City fan! For our first date he took me to old Trafford on the tour! I remember the tour guide saying “we get a few city fans come to look at our trophies” and me being the typical Midlands girl  piped up “James is a city fan” lol I’m surprised he didn’t dump me there and then, but we stayed together for a number of years!
May 2008 me and my dad took root in the back room with tv on loud mum & peter in the living room watching something or other. But we watched the champions league final, it went to pens in the end and I couldn’t watch, my mum & brother were at this point interested and so both TVs had the game on and one had a delay due to signal. I sat in the hall hands over my eyes unable to watch! Then my brother started shouting we’ve won next minute my dads coming in the hall happy and I’m just like really? Lol I went to see the celebrations but it was a great evening all 4 of us together celebrating it hold significance as it was the last final my mum saw as she died in the August it was our last family celebration just the four of us.
Now don’t get me wrong 99 was amazing too I was writing to the red at one point in pure anger! Then we won and I ripped it up, dad made me clean it up as well gutted!
Going back in 08 as my mum was in a hospice I visited her every day and I promised her I’d take my little brother to old Trafford to see united live as he was only 15 and hadn’t been to a game. I made that promise good the following season on a cold February night we played Valencia and sat in lower east stand cheering a 0-0 draw and absolutely freezing! I was that cold I sent my 15 year old brother alone to the concourse to get hot drinks .. it’s all part of the education!
In 2011 I was so proud sitting with my then boyfriend watching the league cup final, Arsenal v Birmingham city and everyone said arsenal would win, but I remember that morning looking up into the sky and saying “hey grandad let’s see blues lift a trophy for you” he had died you see in 1999 and I still even now keep an eye on blues they remind me of grandad and remind me always stay humble! When blues won the cup I literally cried for about 10 mins I was so happy for the fans and club I knew what it meant to them, I always was thinking of grandad and how happy he’d be! Trust me he’d have been so happy I think he’d have cried to!
Unfortunately I ended up in a wheelchair in 2011 and I honestly believed that my time at football was well over! I was lucky enough to speak to someone at Man Utd when I rang to cancel some hospitality tickets due to my new wheels who told me about MUDSA and I was so thankful! I was able to carry on going to football and well I got to the game my first time on the platform, my uncle and ex boyfriend cane along in the nice seats! While me & peter went to the platform! My uncle and West Brom fan said it was great he relayed the whole experience on the way home!
Being on wheels made re-enlighten my passion for football admittedly life had got in the way and I hadn’t gone as often as I could. So I guess that I’m great full for my wheels in that sense. 
I never thought I’d get to see a European final live but last season I was lucky enough to attend the Europa league final I’m Stockholm and I’ll never forget it.
We are now in March 2018 and it’s coming to the end of the current season and my first as a Man Utd disabled season ticket holder and let me tell you, it’s been a great season knowing I could go to all home homes!
I’d like to take a moment to thank a few & mention a few!
Firstly this blog is in memory of my grandad, Charlie who introduced me to football I’m so glad you did I love you so much xx
To Birmingham city for teaching me to always stay humble at football & as the song goes keep right on til the end through joys & sorrows! The club helped shape me as a person & a football fan. I wish them good luck in the relegation fight and I’m always watching your results because you will always be part of my football story!
To my step dad for introducing me to Manchester United and buying me my first united item, a united cap (my grandad wasn’t impressed!) 
To Manchester United & mudsa for the facilities the football family I have and for the good times, the exciting times and the times I’m so mad I crnt even talk .. you saved me in a time where football was all I had when I went into my chair. 
To the fans of both clubs for just being ace!
Finally to some special friends at united whom I couldn’t go without you guys, andy B you rock, Jamie for putting up with me this season! To andy M for always having my back … to Ann Marie, Helen & morag for being my match day friends & friends away from the games.
A special thanks  to Chas for all his help in recent years.
Finally to all my friends I’ve meet through football be it 30 years ago or more recently … it’s been an adventure 
Here’s to more adventures! 

Vicky xx