Good evening!

Back in 2013, how was that even 5 years ago? I decided to set up 50 challenges to see what I can achieve so I thought I’d give a little round up of how far I got in five years! I think I’ll maybe set up a new challenge in the coming days “40 things before I’m 40” or maybe I’ll just set a few things I’d like todo! I’ll focus on the ones I’ve done!

The first I accomplished was to attend a football match, I know your thinking but vicky your a football fan and been going years! I have but when I wrote this I was still finding my wheels and unsure if I could still attend games in my wheelchair happily .. I’ve been to so many games now in my chair I’ve lost count!

Complete my family tree .. I was very lucky to have a friend Liz help me out to complete it after I got stuck (my ancestors aren’t ones for paperwork and deadlines!) it was great to find out all my family history which included royalty and castle on one side, big up to my nan!

Attend a concert .. I have been to a few since being in my wheelchair and was lucky enough to attend my cousins oldest first concert went to see olly murs it was epic!

Attend a music festival .. I have to be honest when I challenged myself to this I laughed and thought that’s never going to happen as it wasn’t really my scene! But I went to V fest and had an amazing time with Kate and even got a little drunk!

European football match .. another one I laughed at myself and though that’s neber going to happen with the wheelchair and obsticals but off I went to my first which was Brugge and I’ve been a few others had an amazing adventure every time big thanks to Andy for helping and putting up with me!

Go to Wimbledon .. this is probably my highlight it was fantastic to experience and I couldn’t believe how accessible it was!  Was happy to spend it with my Aunty too 🙂

Go to the olympics .. I was so lucky to attend the London olympics it was amazing and memories I’ll treasure forever

Flying alone . I flew alone since going in the wheelchair and I’ve now done that twice and I was so proud of myself

Visit Portugal .. I was lucky enough to go on holiday to Portugal with my cousin for 5 days and it’s an amazing country just a shame toilets for disabled aren’t great .. but it still gives me a giggle!

Visit Belgium .. I’ve beeb lucky enough to visit this great country twice with visiting Brugge & Brussels both are great places apart from the cobbles .. which will forever stay in my memory!

A photo shoot .. I was lucky enough to have a photo shot on my own in Kent which was a fantastic experience and then a second one with my cousin and her girls. I loved both experiences for different reasons!

I haven’t completed so much but with health worsening and my anxiety and depression having such a bad blip and not being able to eat solid food it kind of hindered me but that’s why I wanted to look at the positives and now move forward some on that list where life long goals so I’ll have to include them under that heading.

The last five years I’ve had so many experiences that I’d not expected to like a European cup final, visiting Germany, France and Ireland and visiting a German market at Christmas time (which was amazing)

Maybe I need todo a trip down memory lane.

Until later

Vicky xx