A second blog as I had this written a few days but didn’t get round to posting.

Scholes & Becks are now 8 months old & they have really grown up!

Scholes hasn’t really grown much he’s still a tiny dot and he’s eaten very slowly which I am sure annoys Troopy & becks! He still enjoys getting on the bed in the morning & cuddling up it’s so comforting.

Becks has doubled in size and loves to play with hid brother! Oh and stare at Troopy, we think he’s in love I’m pretty sure he’s hit teenage years! He has a funny little habit of when he eats he literally bites the bowl as he eats! He recently discovered cat nip too I tell you he’s properly loving that stuff!

Troopy turned 14 recently she’s happy enough eating drinking & jumping! She loves to sleep!

Troopy now eats with them and they can all be civil to each other which is a bonus no more silly spitting sessions!

Vicky xx