Hey guys!
Week 8 of off season!
2 months since football how?! We are now entering July which means pre season starts and football season is in grasp again!
This week hasn’t been a great weekend with my health and I spent more time crying than anything else so you’ll have to excuse the lack of what has been going on during the week!
However, I had a better weekend! I went up north expectedly and managed ok with my anxiety of no pre plans! As you all know my food is a challenge but I feel like I have won 2 battles this weekend, first trying a new flavour & trust me I was stressed the first taste made me grimace and the second taste I was ok so that was a huge step. The second was sitting in a social setting with food being consumed not by me but others and I was ok it wasn’t awkward well not for me!
A brief chat about how ridiculous it is that as a person In a wheelchair can’t freely travel on trains without pre booking  it’s outrageous to be put in that position sometimes people need / want to travel at the last minute or just forget to book.
Well that’s all for this week, I have an important medical appointment this week so fingers crossed that will be positive, I’ll keep you updated on that!
Until next week
Vicky xx