Chelsea v United League cup
Today we headed down to London for the league cup with Chelsea!
It was my first long away trip from Manchester, i hadn’t really prepared myself for it being honest! The trip took ages we stoped once and then we had to drive through London! We eventually made our way to the car park and walked well rolled to Stamford bridge.
The game wasn’t too bad and I got to catch up with Jamie at HT!
United won and are in the next round of the cup, it’s a home match this time so that’s not ideal, I much prefer an away game!
We then headed back to the car park & result got free parking! The drive home was really long & tiring. We eventually made it home after a night of singing to the radio! Only to get into bed & the fire alarm to keep going off all night … I was so tired!
Next stop Partizan at home …
Vicky xx