Evening all! 
I thought I’d take you back to November as I’d forgotten to blog my trip to Italy, Turin & Milan.
So we left my house at 1am Wednesday morning for the 3 hour trip down to stansted! We parked on blue car park,  it did have I’d say 100 blue badge spaces! Anyway it was cold & raining so we opted for the car park transfer, the poor guy didn’t know how to get the ramp working! He eventually got it sorted and off we went! I went and checked in my wheelchair (had a tag on it) then went to assistance who told me Ryanair had booked the wrong code, but the lady sorted it out! Now we are pro travellers so left assistance on our own to meet at the gate. We went via the wheelchair line through security with my paper work in hand quick and easy. Once the gate was called we meet staff there who got us on the plane via the ambi lift. I had an aisle seat and we had separated seats but kindly the stewardess sorted us out. Then we took off and I fell asleep .. woken up with 10 minutes to landing! Milan staff were ace we were out the airport in 10 mins flat! Going passed the relatively long passport control queue, mainly I think Man Utd fans! 
I then found my bus transfer from Milan airport to Milan central .. it takes an hour .. the coach they had ready wasn’t accessible so I was picked me up and put on the coach, then the hour drive and I was getting nervous as knew we had to get our train, which was precooked and it was getting tight! We were dropped off outside the main train station, I was then picked up and carried off the coach! Then lift to level 2 and platform four .. no accessible ramp at the train and no time to ask! We found our carriage and I had to wait while the luggage was placed on the train, then I was lifted on and then my wheelchair! We saw some friendly faces who said they’d help the other end!  … I fell asleep on the train for an hour woken up to the lads singing! We eventually made it to Turin about 2 hours later, when we had gotten off, wheelchair first, lads held it while I was carried off the train and then luggage’s came! We then had a picture of about 10 of us on the platform! The  police looking I smiled sweetly and off I went the lads got held for 10 min lol! I was cursing at this point as was lost lol eventually found the ticket collection point .. up steps fuming .. but never mind! Next stop hotel! I was knackered at this point so we got a taxi to the hotel, Arrived at the Hilton to hot cookies.
Once at the Hilton we meet with two other friends and then used the toilet, freshened up, quick charge of the phone and a much needed lay down then we was down to the lobby to meet Andy & Nigel! The lads all wanted food & beer so off we went into Turin for that, via a taxi!
Then to the stadium not a chance of getting on the buses united put on .. fuming took us maybe an hour to find a taxi thank you kindly to the Juventus/Liverpool fan for giving his up for us. Off we went and yeah I was picked up and put in the taxi, it’s a good job im light. 
Once we arrived at the stadium we had to show our passports to get mine & Andys tickets as they didn’t give the disabled person there ticket! Then we had to go through security I think twice. Then up to our seats, it was totally step free and really easy. I was very thankful that the fans were self policing and left a gap so we could see the majority of the pitch. Sadly I didn’t see the Ronaldo goal, but I did see the winner for Man Utd! We had won and I tell you there was absolute carnage in the away end! The reds left very happy!
We were looking for a taxi after we got out the stadium sadly none were found. That’s when the fun began, we ended up with riot police around us and getting us on the buses or we’d have been stranded! It was very packed and if I’m honest it wasn’t safe  at all, but the reds where in full voice singing! Once back in central Turin we needed a taxi, easier to find and back to the hotel! 
We didn’t get back to the Hilton until gone 2am at which point all I wanted was painkillers & a cold drink! Then I was away to dream actually I just passed out!
I woke up at 7am in tears as my joints were hurting, thankfully I had helped I was picked me up and put me in my chair and my friend got  the gloves to admister my pain / inflammatory gel. Once was applied he set me up by the desk with my liquid food & water in my drink bottle and my iPad .. life was good lol! Lads went for breakfast as we was in the same hotel as two of our friends. Breakfast I’m told was very good and included sweets! It was time to get dressed abs head back to the train station!
I just about had time to collect a magnet from Turin before the train was called! There wasn’t a ramp again so my friend and the train guy lifted my chair on the train and before long we was on our way back to Milan! We chatted about the night before, upcoming trip to Valencia and tried to respond to locals as they spoke to us! Mate used the toilet and said it had no bottom to it!
We arrive back in Milan postcards purchased and a magnet for my fridge we got lost in the train station .. but it was beautiful!
The long 22 minute taxi drive to hotel number 2, the Barcelo Madrid. The accessible room was great. The hotel was very Art Deco I loved it. The day was drawing in so after a bit of a chat we decided to head to the San Siro, home of inter & AC Milan! We were closer to the stadium than the city centre so it made sense plus who doesn’t like visiting football stadiums?!
The tour cost €10 for 2 it was great we saw the dressing rooms, private areas and pitch and shop .. I loved it as I like stadium tours & architecture.. we got a personal tour from an inter staff member who gave us lots of info & took us places we normally wouldn’t go due to the wheelchair I loved it! Which includes through the bushes they had to decorate the VIP area! I couldn’t believe the difference in style between the AC & Inter dressing rooms, it was a great insight and yeah they have three dressing rooms! It’s such an old stadium! I like to buy pins of stadiums I visit for none match day so I got two for my board!
It was getting dark when we came out the stadium, so we went across the road and asked them to ring us a taxi and it was back to the hotel! We sat in the bar and then mate had food once it was open!  Apparently the food was good!
It was then time to head to bed as I was knackered, once my head hit the pillow I was asleep once more!
I woke up early yet again and had my gel on my knees as they hurt a lot when traveling! It was then time to check in with my brother back home to tell him I was coming home! After a triple check on the luggage front we went down paid for the hotel and called a taxi!
We arrived with good time to get to our connection. Then realised after getting me out the bag was LEFT in the taxi and had gone. Now I don’t speak fluent Italian neither does my friend so it was an anxious 10 minutes!  so full panic my main concern was my chargers & tech lol! I found the hotel number and my friend rang it twice who obliged with ringing the taxi firm who tracked the taxi and amazingly the taxi driver was trying to get our numbers from the hotel! 2 mins later and the bag was returned to laugher of relief hugs and European air kisses! 
Off back to the coach, carried on then off we went! An hour later arrived back at Milan airport! At this point we went to check in my wheelchair and they sent a person who wizzes us through security & passport control. 
We were told to meet back at the room 1 hour before flight so off we went leavening bags as they let us! My mate wanted food and I wanted something for my dad! 
Mac Donald’s called for food then shopping after seeing friends! I got my dad some biscuits & brother pasta!
Back to pick up place! We sat chatting to friends before we were collected in the Ambi lift!  Before I knew it was was on the plane and Ryanair kindly had us sitting together, I couldn’t tell you about the flight I remember pulling back and next think I know we are coming into landing at Stansted!
You might have noticed I slept a lot on the planes which is a huge thing for me as I use to be scared of flying now I’m a changed flyer! 
We meet a juve fan as we waited for the lift off the plane,  we were chatting all the way although security / passport control, he gave us a hug & hand shake as we parted he said see you in Madrid, me and Andy both laughed, we had no idea what was going to happen at old Trafford a few short weeks later!
I experienced such good customer service coming through stansted it makes all the difference! Before long our transfer back to the blue car park arrived and before you wonder, yeah we had no luck the guy couldn’t work the lift, another bus driver stoped to help him! Before long we were back in the car and on our way home home!
What an adventure we had with many memories!

Vicky xx