Evening  all,
Today started on a bad foot. I was feeling low & in tears, I posted I wasn’t feeling great on twitter just to let it out my system.
I was surprised to get a DM from Ben and we had a chat for a few hours and it really helped change my trial of though, he’s a good person and friend, thank you.
Then it was time to get dressed and ready Togo for the final game of 2018! 
Today we was joined by Lisa on the trip up north! It was another motorway adventure, we was chucked off at stoke as it was terrible traffic! So we off roaded our way to Manchester! I had a brief chat to Neil via text, lucky!
We eventually arrived and I gave andy & Pete there season tickets as Andy had left them in the car! Then it was off down to old Trafford.
The game was great, it’s good to see attacking football back at old Trafford!
Then it was back to the car and a swift exit back home. I had another chat to Neil via text until I got home! Meanwhile In the car I had a chat to Lisa about craft, fashion and other stuff! Then we had Dj shay in the house! Watching YouTube and it was like a little disco, he’s a great lad and I can see how much he loves united and is coming on, it’s really great to see.
Thank you Manchester it’s been fun see you in 2019!
Vicky xx